- ASME Dayton Section Bylaws -



Section 1. The name of this association shall be the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Dayton Section.


Section 1. To broaden the horizons of member engineers and foster effective means by which they may relate their work and talents to the interest of society, and to provide support for them in the exercise of their responsibilities to society.

Section 2. To foster communications among engineers, other professions, and the public for mutual understanding of the true role and contributions of technology.

Section 3. To develop a closer and more effective relationship among engineering practitioners, those who educate for the profession, and those who are being educated.

Section 4. To take leadership in instilling individual recognition of the obligation to maintain and expand competence within mechanical engineering.

Section 5. To encourage membership and participation in ASME at all those engaged in mechanical engineering.

Section 6. To provide government at all levels with advice on engineering matters.

Section 7. To encourage and assist the entry into the engineering profession of all capable individuals who because of race, sex, creed, or economic handicap might otherwise find it difficult.

Section 8. To encourage the various technical disciplines within mechanical engineering to take responsibility for the nature and quality of continuing education.


Section 1. All members of the ASME residing in or near Dayton, Ohio, within the boundaries established by the Society, shall be considered members of the ASME Dayton Section

Section 2. Student members residing in this area shall be nonvoting members of the Section.

Section 3. Application for membership shall be submitted on the forms provided by ASME Headquarters. Completed forms and dues are to be forwarded to ASME-Headquarters.

Section 4. The qualifications of voters at elections shall be according to the Constitution of the ASME.


Section 1. The management of the section shall be vested in an Executive Committee made up of the Officers of the Section, plus at least ten directors. All officers and directors shall serve for a period of one year.

Section 2. The Officers of the section shall be: Chairman, Vice-Chairmen, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Section 3. New officers and board members shall be elected by email or letter ballot in the month of March of each year, and shall assume office on the first day of July of that year.

Section 4. The Executive Committee is empowered to appoint temporary subcommittees, upon which non-members of the ASME may serve.

Section 5. Any member of any committee who for a period of three consecutive months does not take part in the management of the affairs of the committee shall, at the discretion of the Executive Committee cease to be a member of the committee. The Executive Committee shall have the power to fill vacancies in its own membership, such appointees to hold office until the next regular election.


Section 1. Chairman

i. Preside over all Section and Executive Board Meetings.

ii. Appoint all committee directors, subject to approval of the Executive Committee.

iii. Assume all other executive duties, which are not delegated.

Section 2. First Vice-Chairman

i. Perform ill the Chairman's duties in his absence or at his request.

ii. Chair the organization committee for the seminar to be given during his/her year in office.

iii. Appoint the members of the organization committee.

Section 3. Second Vice-Chairman

i. Preside at all meetings in absence of both Chairman and First Vice Chairman.

ii. Chair the Program Committee.

iii. Appoint the members of the Program Committee, to assist him/her.

Section 4. Secretary

i. Record the minutes of Section and Committee meetings.

ii. Maintain supplies for the Section.

iii. Maintain the files of the Section.

iv. Maintain a file of Society Manuals.

v. Maintain an "Agenda Item" file with the following divisions to facilitate the submittal of National Agenda Items:

a) Section Compilation.

b) Regional Administrative Conference (RAC) Compilation.

c) Minutes of the National Agenda Conference (NAC).

d) Summary of the Actions by the Board of Governors on Recommendations of the NAC.

Section 5. Treasurer

i. Manage all moneys for the Section.

ii. Report all receipts and expenditures to the Executive Committee

iii. Prepare the section's Budget and Annual Report for submittal to the Regional Office.


Section 1. All committees are headed by a committee director, who Is a member of the Executive Committee.

Section 2. The committee director shall appoint, subject to approval of the Executive Committee members of his/her committee to assist him in obtaining the committee's objectives.

Section 3. The committee director shall submit news items for the Section Newsletter.

Section 4. Expenses incurred by a committee shall be reimbursed only when an estimate of the costs has been approved by the Executive Committee prior to the committee incurring such expenses.


Section 1. Membership Development

i. Plan, organize, and execute programs to maximize the membership.

ii. Inform the Executive Committee and Regional Membership Development Committee on means to obtain, and status of these goals.

Section 2. Member Interest

i. Maintain a current information file of subjects of interest to the membership.

ii Provide information on:

a) Insurance Plans

b) Pension Policies

c) Manpower and Employment Guidelines

iii. Research the reasons for drop-outs, delinquent dues, etc.

iv. Survey the membership to:

a) Determine changes in membership Interests.

b) Assist the Program Chairman,

c) Determine the Employment Benefits.

v. Submit Benefit and Insurance news items for the Newsletter of the Section.

vi. Explain to the membership the ASME benefits.

Section 3. Honors and Awards

i. Nominate distinguished members for the various Society Honors.

ii. Scrutinize the membership to determine the members worthy of nomination.

iii. Head all award evaluation teams.

Section 4. Public Affairs

i. Otter advice to legislators on technical issues incorporated in proposed legislation.

ii. Inform the Executive Committee and membership On pending legislation with impact on the engineering profession.

iii. Organize guidance committees to aid high school students interested in engineering.

iv. Participate in the organization and administration of Science Fairs.

v. Encourage members when appropriate to seek registration as a Professional Engineer and assist such members in doing so.

Section 5. Public Relations

i. Supply accurate and complete information about the Section's activities to the news media.

ii. Edit and publish the Newsletter.

Section 6. History and Heritage

i. Identify historical sites, machinery, systems, etc., representing early significant mechanical engineering achievements.

ii. Document the historical significance of these sites or equipment and, if the historical interest so warrants, apply to the National History and Heritage Committee for public recognition.

iii. Cooperate with local engineering organizations in identifying sites and(or equipment.

iv. Prepare and/or update an historical account of the Dayton Section ASME.

Section 7. Professional Development

i. Inform, the membership of Continuing Education Courses offered by ASME and the local universities.

ii. Assist the local universities with developing Continuing Education Courses of interest to the membership.

iii. Review programs offered for Professional Engineer registration.

iv. Recommend Achievement awards for members completing Continuing Education Courses,

Section 8. Membership Directory

i. Update and check the existing directory.

ii. Report additions, omissions, and other changes to ASME-HQ.

Section 9. Industry and Technical Affairs

i. Manage the Section's technical activities.

ii. Interface with ASME Technical Divisions, Codes and Standards and other Societies.


Section 1. Student Sections are represented on the Executive Committee by their Faculty Advisors.

Section 2. The Section on (Affiliate Societies Council, Ohio Council) by appointed directors.


Section 1. The nominating committee of the Section shall be made up of the Chairman of the Section, and the two most recent past-Chairmen, assisted by the two Vice-Chairmen. The Chairman of the Section shall act as chairman of the nominating committee.

Section 2. In the month of January each year the nominating committee shall prepare a letter ballot for the election of officers. It shall announce its selections at least one month prior to the date of sending out the letter ballot.

Section 3. Additional nominations may be made by petition signed by not less than three members of the Section. The names of such nominees shall be added to the letter ballot.

Section 4. The letter ballot shall be submitted to the membership of the Section, end tallied not less than ten days and not more than twenty-eight days after the mailing by tellers appointed by the Chairman.


Section 1. The officers can negotiate contracts for busses, catering, and meals as long as the treasury can cover the contract commitments, pending prior approval of the Executive Committee.

Section 2. Transportation companies have to furnish Certificates of Insurance of at least $1 million for General Liability and Property Damage.

Section 3. All other contracts should be forwarded to the Assistant Treasurer at ASME Headquarters for review and signature.


Section 1. Propositions for amendments to these by-laws may be submitted to the Executive Committee by members of the Section. If approved by the Committee, they shall be submitted to the membership for consideration. Vote shall be by letter ballot, to close twenty-one days from mailing. If approved by 2/3 of the vote cast, the amendment(s) shall become part of these by-laws.

Section 2. These by-laws are approved and take effect an 27 January 1986.